There is no better place in Provence then the farmers markets to see the bounty of food and flowers that are grown in this glorious region of France. Wandering through the markets is a feast for all of your senses. From the brilliant colors of the spices to the freshness of the produce it is a foodies dream come true. The air is perfumed with lilies of the valley and the most perfect peonies you have ever seen. I must admit that the selections are a bit daunting so it definitely helps to have an idea of what your looking for. But between the selections of meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables would surely inspire a menu.
One of the best Provencal markets is the one in the town of I’Isle sur la Sorgue located in the heart of the Luberon Valley. It takes place on Thursdays and Sundays. The crystal clear waters of the Sorgue river runs right through the center of town and the market meanders along the river’s edge making the most charming and romantic of settings.
I’Isle su la Sorgue is also well known for it’s many antiques dealers. After spending most of the morning perusing the market we barely had enough time to even scratch the surface of visiting the dealers. But to be honest I was not very excited by the selections and I found everything to be overpriced. I don’t think there are any more bargains left in Provence.

My good friend, Dwight, who is a brilliant floral designer with his bounty of peonies and lilies from the market.

Pots of Lilies of the Valley (One of my favorites)

Marzipan pears

Gorgeous artichokes

More marzipan

Luscious tomatoes

The perfect peonies

An assortment of spices

Purple garlic

The most beautifully colored salt

Pastel colored soaps (love the boxes too)

Ranunculas is every color

Baby asparagus (Great for flower arrangements)

Squash blossoms just waiting to be filled with chevre and herbs

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